How long does grooming take?

Grooming time varies.  Every dog and grooming day are different. An average estimate for a small dog is 2-3 hours. As we get to know you and your dog we will be able to give you a time frame for grooming. We never rush a grooming as that can lead to a stressful environment for the groomer and your dog, and can lead to accidents and poor quality grooming results. 

Can I stay with my dog while it’s being groomed?


Do you muzzle the dogs?

No, we are force free groomers. We practice humanity over vanity and the safety of our staff is a priority. If we find that your dog is grooming aggressive we reserve the right to refuse service. 

Do you kennel the dogs?

We are a cage free facility and encourage socialization as it creates a better grooming experience. As per Collier County code we do have comfortable and spacious kennels available if needed. 

What is your grooming process?

The first step is preparation which includes nails, ears, sanitary trim, clean paws, pre-bath brush, and pre-bath hair cut if necessary. During this step we will assess your dogs skin and coat to determine which products will be best suited to their needs. They will then be shampooed and conditioned accordingly. All dogs are then hand blow dried and we always use a Happy Hoodie to help limit the noise of the dryer. We then give them a complete brush, fluff, full hair cut and hand scissoring. Throughout the process we use gentle techniques and high quality products. 

Do you do hand stripping and/or show grooming?

No, we are pet stylist. We are trained in hand stripping and show grooming, however the service we choose to provide at Shear Luxury Pet Styling is geared to cater to your beloved pets. Show grooming requires daily maintenance and hours of work. What we will provide are modified show cuts to suit you and your dogs needs. 

Do you use sedatives/treats?

No.  We will not give your dog a sedative. Treats will only be given if provided by you. We will never do anything to compromise the health and safety of your dog. 

Do you walk dogs to relieve themself under your care?

No, it is a liability. 

Do you take walk-ins?


Should I tip my groomer? 

Yes, grooming is a service.